Horse Shampoo for Human Hair?

DOI: DOI: 10.1515/jim-2016-0062


Introduction: Lately, a new idea has caught the attention of young people of both genders, being debated in consultation rooms, during classes, and especially on social media: is using horse shampoo for human hair wrong or not? Material and methods: A simple questionnaire about horse shampoo and its use in humans was addressed to 85 students. Results: Thirtyeight responders were aware of its existence, 27 have tried it and 3 were still using it as a weekly shampoo. All positive responders were young women who declared being completely satisfied by horse shampoo and none of them have reported side effects. Conclusion: Although it has good reviews, horse shampoo is not available in human pharmacies. As dermatologists, we are still looking for an answer.

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