Analysis of the Anterior Maxillary Zone: Evaluation of Chu’s Gauge Proportion Instrument in a Transylvanian Population

DOI: 10.2478/jim-2022-0013

Background: The esthetic proportion gauge developed by Chu is using a 78% recurring esthetic dental (RED) proportion and it is based on evaluating the size and proportion of frontal teeth chairside. The aim of the present study was to evaluate the validity of Chu’s device and to measure the correlation between the width and length of the frontal teeth, attempting to
identify the application of the proportion gauge in Mureș county. Materials and methods: From the 142 selected patients, 73 fulfilled the inclusion criteria. The height and width values of the participants’ teeth were measured with a digital caliper and evaluated with Chu’s esthetic proportion gauge. The measurements were then compared statistically. Results: The values obtained from the digital caliper measurements did not correlate with Chu’s proportion scale, and the results showed no significant differences between the two sides (p >0.05). Conclusions: In conclusion, the measured teeth ratios did not show a similarity with the predetermined esthetic proportion scale suggested by Chu.